About Me and You

I Want to Change My Life is for you if you’re looking for Hope, Help, and Change.  

You have been given a gift. It’s a sliver of eternity, a span of time in this world called life. Within that most precious gift, you have also been blessed with talents and unique abilities and characteristics that make you… you. It’s what you do with these that brings meaning to your life and to the lives of others.


For as long as I can remember…


…I’ve loved and embraced learning about behavior and the mind, conscious and unconscious experience, and thought —psychology. Simply put, I’m pretty passionate about solving people-problems. Obsessed? Well —Maybe.

I Want to Change My Life is about encouraging, and inspiring people in life situations and various relationships; to uncover what isn’t working and why; to strengthen important relationships; to resolve conflicts and difficulties; to create positive, lasting change.

My job is to help you figure out what you can change and how to get it done.


Changing Your Life

Heart-to-Heart: If you’re looking for a place to begin, this is a great place to start. Sherry helps clients solve life-situation problems by offering unbiased, objective perspective and advice on a variety everyday situations.

Counseling: Sherry helps clients to uncover the root cause of problems and to construct a plan to overcome and resolve difficulties. This often involves the various relationships connected to women such as marriage and dating, children, friends, extended family, and others.

Life Coaching: Sherry helps clients reach for their full potential through organized personal strategic planning. The focus of Life Coaching is on personal and professional growth. This may include goal setting, personality and behavioral adjustments, a personal make-over, manners and etiquette, professional polishing etc. Life coaching sessions with Sherry are personalized to fit and meet the goals and aspirations of clients.

Sherry brings expertise to her work that is grounded in behavioral and psychological principles along with years of life experience. Her work ethics are in harmony with the code of ethics of the Canadian Association of Social Workers and the Canadian Psychological Society.


Sherry Van Dolder

Sherry has been married over 30 years and has four children. She has socially conservative views that reflect traditional family values, morals and principles.

Sherry Van Dolder is valued for her commitment to excellence, integrity, and results. Her interpersonal and analytical skills, wisdom, and creative approach to problem solving will lead and inspire others.


Heart-to-Heart Advice and Counseling & Life Coaching Services are all delivered online through video conference, telephone chat, and email.


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