Living well doesn’t just happen. Strategies for living a good, balanced, satisfying life are learned. People that don’t know principals necessary to living well make the same mistakes over and over again. You don’t need to be vulnerable to the actions and decisions of others, or to your own mistakes. Your life can be better. You can change your life.

Everyone needs help from time to time… help to overcome, to sort things out and find a place of peace and well being. 


Counseling services involve situations where clients are looking for help with distressing situations in their life that cause stress, sadness, frustration, confusion, anger etc.. Some of these may involve problems in areas such as, relating and coping with others, marriage issues, personal matters, and parenting and family dynamics. These sessions will help you to uncover and come to terms with what is happening in your life and craft solutions for change. Problems in one area often spill over into other areas and because of this, it’s important to get the bottom of an issue and start dealing with it there. When you are in a place of distress, sometimes it’s difficult to see past the obvious to a deeper issue. A fresh perspective, objectivity, and talking to someone with no invested agenda can be a great help.

One-on-one sessions are designed to address issues and to help you set goals that will result in a more satisfying life. In short, we want to find the root of the problem and then look at the best options to deal with it. This involves putting a plan together with steps to create and sustain positive change. My role is to bring awareness, insight, and direction to help you with making positive changes.

Clients with anxiety, depression, addictions etc., that fall within parameters of a diagnosable mental health concern, should seek other professionals who deal specifically in these areas.

Sessions are 50 minutes long. There are no contracts or commitments beyond your current session. The number of sessions to effectively work through an issue varies because we are dealing with real life situations. Moderate concerns may see satisfactory results in 5 or 6 sessions or less. It is best to meet at regular intervals such as weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly. The goal is to help you find solutions and to cope with problems so that you no longer need counseling. The important thing isn’t how long it’s going to take. The most important thing is your decision to take control of an out-of-control situation so that you can begin living peaceful and well.

If this is where you’re at, it goes beyond hoping things will change… and I do believe in hope. But it’s deeper than that. It’s about drawing a line and saying I need to stop and fix this before I go any further. Where family and relationship issues are involved, you may want to include others in your session if possible.

A firm foundation is the best way when it comes to building or rebuilding the vulnerable places in your life. A wise woman builds her house while a foolish one lets hers fall. If you have tried everything you know, and nothing is working, don’t stop there. You should be commended for trying everything you know, but that doesn’t mean that  you have tried everything. The key to unlocking your problems and breaking through gridlocks is wisdom. Wisdom brings healing, restoration, protection, and insight and understanding. Wisdom is a shining light that shows you which way to go.

If you have any questions about how I can help you, you can email me using the Contact Page . I work by email to connect and correspond.  Appointments are set by email using the Contact Page or Book a Session page. Payment is due at the end of your session and paid by credit card, or you can request to pay by e-Transfer. To make your payment by credit card, go to Services -> Shop -> Add-to-Cart.

New Clients: Please email me a brief paragraph about your problem or the issue that you would like help with so that I can ensure we are a good fit. You choose how you would like to interact. E-counseling over the internet is both flexible and comfortable, allowing you to communicate within your own personal space. You can choose Telephone Chat (you will  need to provide your phone number), or we can connect face to face on video conferencing (Skype), or we can communicate through a series of emails (anytime).

If you want to change your life… Let’s talk.

Sherry Van Dolder —I Want to Change My Life