How it Works

Informal, relaxed private conversation in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are. No need to drive and search for parking. All services offered are mobile and online. Video Conference/Face-time, and Telephone Chat Sessions are 50 minutes long. E-Counceling (email) is self-paced. There is no commitment required beyond a current appointment.

3 Ways to Connect: 1) Online, over the internet meetings using one-on-one video conferencing (Face-time or Skype). 2) Phone Chat 3) E-Counseling: A series of written email exchanges at your own pace (does not depend on your speed of typing, grammar abilities, or quickness of thought). Response time to each of your messages is within two business days.

At $35.00, Heart-to-Heart comes with a quick response time of two business days or less.We all have situations that leave our hearts and minds churning and flip-flopping. Heart-to-Heart is affordable, confidential, objective advice to help you make well thought out confident decisions. Heart-to-heart is delivered through email only.

–It’s that easy.