About Pay By Gratuity

The Pay by Gratuity option is based on honesty and trust. I am sensitive to the fact that there are women who need help but simply cannot afford to pay the session fee. If this is your situation, I would like to offer you the option to pay what you can. When your situation improves, please come back and add to your gratuity. It will help me to continue to offer this option to others who need help.

If you will be using Pay by Gratuity to pay for your session, please let me know in your initial email (Don’t worry, I won’t ask you any questions… honesty and trust 🙂

Heart-to-Heart quick-advice does not qualify for Pay by Gratuity.


*One more thing… ‘Pay by Gratuity’ is not an act of charity  and is considered as payment for service (no charity receipt for tax purposes).