• $85.00 per 50 minute session for individual Counseling or Life Coaching. This applies to Video-Conferencing, Telephone Chat sessions and E-Counseling: A completed series of written email exchanges is considered the same as one 50 minute session.
  • Payment is due at the end of each session and paid online by credit card. Make A Payment . E-mail transfer payment is also available by request for any service, including Heart-to-Heart. Receipts are provided. (note: fees do not qualify for extended health care or tax deduction)
  • Heart-to-Heart quick response situational advice must be paid in advance. Please pay for Heart-to-Heart prior to emailing your question. The fee for Heart-to-Heart is $35.00
  • Pay by Gratuity is available for those who are experiencing hardships that make payment impossible. Pay by Gratuity is not a charity donation. It is offered as an alternative payment for service.